Welcome to RK Agro and Food, where Quality Meets Nature's Integrity.

At RK Agro and Food, here sustainability, innovation, and excellence meet in one place. Our journey began with a love for the earth and a vision to bridge the gap between nature’s treasures and your well-being.

We believe nature’s gifts hold immeasurable potential and are waiting to be harnessed responsibly. Our product range is a testament to nature’s offerings. You reach the goodness with Corn Products such as Corn Grit, Corn Meal, Corn Flour and Pregel Corn Flour. Each product brings you closer to the essence of the earth.

Our products are used for the production of extruded snacks, cereals, processed foods, baked goods, dry mixes, malt beverages, fermentation processes, hearth breads, pizzas, dry mixes, bread or muffin coatings and bakery blends.

With customer satisfaction and quality products, RK Agro and Food earn trust in the goodness of its products. With each milestone achieved, we’ve held to our roots while embracing the power of growth and transformation.

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Who We Are ?

Joyable foods started in 2012 with only 6 types of Khakhra and a team of 3 people and today Company has 50+ active products and 25 people working directly for Joyable foods. We are Rajkot’s No # 1 Khakhra Company in the Premium Segment. Our products are widely appreciated and accepted because; we make them using the traditional technique and authentic recipe.
Joyable’s Khakhra is a ready to eat anytime snack which can be consumed as morning breakfast as well as outside of home when anyone is in need of healthy snacks. Our mouth watering Khakhra is one of the best companions of your child’s lunch box and for healthy snacking between the meals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a superior quality, cost effective end to end export and import service, through strong customer focus, continuous improvement, reliability and trust – consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the premier and most trusted international trading company, known for providing superior quality and cost-effective end-to-end export and import services.

Kuldeep Patel

Founder & Director

Company Objective

We continuously work to set higher standards for agro and food products while conducting deep research. Our commitment to the environment drives us to provide eco-friendly solutions that harmonize agriculture with nature’s wisdom.

Responsible business growth isn’t just a target; it’s a philosophy that benefits our clients, the planet, and communities. We always aim to build lasting customer relationships, rooted in trust fostered through transparent practices and unwavering quality.

Sustainable Sourcing, Superior Quality

Sourcing with Heart

We select the finest ingredients which are free from harmful chemicals and nurtured with love.

Quality Assurance

We ensure that every product meets and exceeds the highest quality standards.

Produce with Excellence

We meticulously combine tradition and innovation to produce quality products.

Delivering Nature's Goodness

We deliver products with the goodness of nature and the promise of our care.


Using quality raw materials and keeping hygienic productive unit


Energetic and committed employee group


Supportive management helps to quick adopt in market changes


Leading media advertisements and using the opportunities of social medias

Our certificate

Our ready to eat and easy to digest food items are baked using the finest range of spices, wheat, oil etc. we maintain premium quality making our commodity hygienic using 100% fresh raw materials. For each product a three tier quality testing process to make sure that we adhere to laid down standards and provides a correct blend of crispness and taste.

We Care

Nurturing nature and elevating flavors

Farming Goodness

Caring starts at the source. We partner with dedicated farmers who share our passion for sustainable agriculture. Together, we grow and harvest the ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that the goodness of nature reaches your plate without compromise.

Sustainability at Heart

Our motto is to protect the planet. Our eco-friendly solutions, like biofertilizers and biopesticides, are born from a deep respect for Mother Earth. With every choice we make, we strive to leave a greener footprint for the future.

100 Fresh

Crafted with Love

When you use our products, you're tasting the result of love and dedication. Our teams work to bring you one of the finest quality – from the crispy cornflakes that greet your mornings to the nourishing castor oil that cares for your skin.

Your Well-being, Our Priority

Your well-being is our top priority. We're not just providing products; we're providing a connection to nature's goodness. Whether it's a nourishing meal or a self-care ritual, we always dedicate ourselves to your health and happiness.

Empowering Communities

Caring extends to the communities we touch. By supporting local farmers we create a cycle of empowerment that echoes through generations. Every purchase you make becomes a vote for a better, more empowered world.

Join us in Caring

Together, let's embrace a world where care is more than a word – it's a way of life. Join RK Agro and Food in developing a future where every choice is a step towards a happier, healthier planet and lives with care.

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