Corn Based Products

Invariably known as Corn Meal, Semoule de maïs, Groats of Maize, Semolino, Maize Gritz

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Corn Grits

The hardest parts of the corn are used to make degermed corn grits, which are made without the use of chemicals or preservatives.
This grade is used in a variety of applications, such as ready-to-eat cereals, adjuncts for brewing, raw materials for snacks, and foods products, such as biscuits, pizza, bakery goods, and traditional Indian namkeens.
Extruded snacks, cereals, processed meals, baked items, dry mixes, malt drinks, and fermentation processes are among the uses for finer meal.
Hearth breads, pizzas, dry mixes, coatings for bread or muffins, and bakery blends all need Dusting Meal – medium-grade meal.

Corn Flaking Grits

This is the primary product of a fully degerming system, which is made up of the biggest pieces of broken maize endosperm that are free of husk and germ.
Larger size grit’s main uses are Cornflakes, AREPAS, dried and roasted flakes.
Slightly finer grits used as a brewing adjunct, in malted beverages and extruded snacks. It is also used to make finer corn meal.
Apart from food industry, 2mm – 4mm Crushed Maize is also used as best ready-to-serve for birds, chick feed, animals like pigs, horses, goats, etc
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corn meal

Corn Meal

Think of corn meal as a cozy blanket for your recipes. It adds marvelous flavor and texture to everything from traditional cornbread to new and exciting dishes. It’s like an adventure waiting to be explored, offering a comforting taste of tradition with every bite.
This finer meal is used in the Bakery industries, Pizza Stores, Hotel industries, etc. Dusting Meal – Medium-grade meal are used in hearth breads, pizzas, dry mixes, bread or muffin coatings and bakery blends.
Corn Meal is available in any custom packaging, both in PP bags as well as in Paper bags.

Corn Flour

Picture finely ground corn seeds that turn into a flavorful ingredient for your baking adventures. It’s like a cozy sweater that wraps around your recipes, making them more delicious. Corn flour adds a cozy, nutty taste to your cakes, muffins, and pancakes.
Corn flour are used in different uses in the food industry such as baking, snack dressings and pet foods Our corn flour combines functionality and nutritional quality in a natural way, as it contains no supplements, additives or gluten.
Corn flour may also contain proteins, fats, sugars, fibres, carbohydrates, and starch. It may contain minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, etc. Corn flour may contain vitamin B1, B2 and B6.
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corn flour
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Pre-Gel Corn Flour

Pre-Gelatinised (Pre-Gel) Maize Flour is the perfect ingredient for dough based snacks that require extra functional benefits and the desired nutritional values. Use of this flour improves the yield, elasticity, juiciness, and texture of the product.

Pre-Gel Corn Flour is cooked dried milled flour with a bland taste, made from 100% natural degermed yellow maize with no chemical additives or preservatives. The material is free from poisonous substances & pesticides, extraneous matter, foreign material, ferrous & nonferrous contamination.

Application of Pre-Gel Corn Flour: Snack Extrusion, Pancake mix ingredient, Cookie & Cake Mix ingredient, Flavour or colour carrier, Breading & Batter mix ingredient, Pellet Extrusion, Breakfast Cereal Ingredient

Maize Oil Cake (Cattle Feed)

Introducing Maize Oil Cake, an essential component in enhancing the health and productivity of your dairy cattle. Derived from the corn germs leftover after the extraction of corn oil, Maize Oil Cake is a nutritious by-product carefully processed to retain its natural goodness. Packed in convenient 40kg bags, it’s ideal for supplementing the diet of cows and buffaloes, ensuring optimal nutrition for improved milk quality.

It also known as “Makka Khal”, “Makka Pina” and “Makai Khol”

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