Pre-Gelatinised Corn Flour

Invariably known as Corn Meal, Semoule de maïs, Groats of Maize, Semolino, Maize Gritz

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Pre-Gel Corn Flour

Pre-Gelatinised (Pre-Gel) Maize Flour is the perfect ingredient for dough based snacks that require extra functional benefits and the desired nutritional values. Use of this flour improves the yield, elasticity, juiciness, and texture of the product.

Pre-Gel Corn Flour is cooked dried milled flour with a bland taste, made from 100% natural degermed yellow maize with no chemical additives or preservatives. The material is free from poisonous substances & pesticides, extraneous matter, foreign material, ferrous & nonferrous contamination.

Application of Pre-Gel Corn Flour: Snack Extrusion, Pancake mix ingredient, Cookie & Cake Mix ingredient, Flavour or colour carrier, Breading & Batter mix ingredient, Pellet Extrusion, Breakfast Cereal Ingredient


The specifications are standardized and can be modified as per client requirements.

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